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Roanoke Discord

Roanoke is a community first Pokemon Modded network, with absolutely no P2W features. We currently host:

  • the oldest Cobblemon server, with no resets & no world border.
  • the only 18+ whitelisted Cobblemon SMP
  • PokeFactory - the ultimate Pokemon x Minecraft modpack

And we're about to launch:

  • Cobblemon Gold: the best Cobblemon server experience, with fully featured economy features & competitive features baked in

The server currently costs 350$~ a month to run, by supporting us you:

  • Let us keep adding cool features to the existing servers
  • Help us create more P2W free awesome server experiences
  • Instantly become the best person ever (subject to sales tax)

So what can I buy if there's NOP2W?

  • Purchase "Supporter", a cosmetic rank that gives you a role on Discord, access to a coloured nickname in game, and a supporter star before your name in game.
  • Global Shiny Boosters, you can 4x the shiny rate for EVERYONE in game - NOP2W, everyone gets shinies, everyone's happy 
  • Cosmetic Coupons, we're releasing completely custom Pokemon textures every month (which you can also get in game from events). These coupons let you apply a texture to your own Pokemon, so there's no in game advantage.